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How a Tattoo is Priced: PLEASE READ 1stThere are two generally accepted methods of pricing a tattoo: FLAT FEE and HOURLY FEE. 

Studio 54 Tattoo uses both pricing methods, depending on the tattoo. 

Want a estimate on a small tattoo? CLICK here

For an estimate on a large tattoo - please come into the studio for a consultation.

Flat Fee: 
This is a common method of pricing smaller tattoos like roses, hearts, infinity symbols, lettering, etc. Pricing is estimated based on what it takes for the artist to complete the piece, such as: length of time, complexity of design, number of colors, etc. Keep in mind that these prices are not set in stone and will fluctuate depending on other circumstances such as placement, re-sizing, adding and/or omitting elements from the design, etc. Hourly Fee: 
All custom artwork over 2 hours will be charged the hourly rate. Especially when the piece is large, takes more than one sitting to accomplish, or is free-handed on the client.

Studio 54 Tattoo - Hourly Rate: $150/hour

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Getting the Tattoo You Want
One of the most common mistakes we see customers make when they walk into the shop is limit the tattoo they are going to get to the amount of money they have in their pocket. Worse still, they go from the tattoo they really want to something smaller and cheaper because they don't have enough money. We have actually seen people talk themselves into a tiny tattoo because they only have $50 or $60. Worse yet is the customer that gets a little tattoo added on to another little tattoo because what they want is a larger tattoo but can't afford the large one to begin with. After a while it just looks like a mess. If you know what you want and you don't have the money for it right now, there are a few options available to you. 1) You can either wait, save up the full amount, then come back at a later time or 2) Do the tattoo in sessions.

Be up front and let the artist know that you are interested in the tattoo but you don't have the full amount. Our artist are usually willing to work out a plan so you can get as much work as you can afford per session. Our artist prefer doing a larger tattoo in two or more sessions anyway. After the outline is done it allows the area to heal before color is applied.